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About Us

Big Hed Designs is a niche apparel company that has, for over two decades, been supplying funky seacoast-themed tee shirts to premier tourism retailers along the east coast and throughout the Caribbean.

The company was founded by chance in 1987 by an ex-stock broker named Charlie Woglom. Charlie who was a gifted amateur artist created a simple illustration that he wanted to print on a tee shirt and give to his wife for Mother’s Day. However, in 1987 there was no Cafe Press or Zazzle or Internet, so Charlie had to purchase a minimum of 36 shirts in order to get his design onto a shirt. After giving his wife the Mother’s Day shirt, Charlie sold the remaining 35 shirts, and in doing so, he had unknowingly launched Big Hed Designs.

Since that first design, Charlie has continued to create unique and original artwork that is distinct and popular amongst seacoast retailers. Currently, Big Hed Designs is widely recognized for Charlie’s clever, hand-crafted designs, and the company boasts an outstanding ability to retain long lasting relationships with some of the top tourism apparel retailers on the east coast and throughout the Caribbean.


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